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Who we are:

Caterina Martinico is an artist, registered art therapist, educator and creativity facilitator, who has been fostering creativity through artmaking for over 25 years. Her work inspires others to connect with the spark of their creative selves, and their own inner wisdom as it reveals itself through the art process. She is dedicated to artmaking as a healing, transformative experience

She has taught Creative Process classes at Santa Rosa Junior since 1980 and facilitates workshops at conferences and retreat centers throughout the Western US on the healing potential of art, emphasizing self-care and art as a means to happiness and resilience . She leads workshops in the Illuminated Mandala, SoulCollage®, encaustic painting, mixed media exploration and visual journaling, as well as womens art support groups and creativity mentoring for children.

In memorium

Patricia Waters 1934- 2012

Patricia was an artist, registered art therapist, educator and group facilitator who worked with a variety of populations for over 30 years. She co-founded the Creative Arts Studio and led workshops in the Illuminated Mandala (with Caterina), women’s spirituality, the mythic journey and aging creatively. Her art and work with others touched many people deeply, throughout the world. Her DVD
“Transformation through Art: A Personal Mythic Journey” which tells the story of her life through over 50 years of artwork, will be available for purchase in the near future


The Creative Arts Studio

Our intention is to foster a sense of supportive community and shared journey through the healing vitality of art making. We build community through creativity by facilitating groups and workshops in creative art process in which we deeply connect with one another through our art and sharing. We also foster and mentor individuals. Participants are introduced to a wide variety of materials including oil and chalk pastels, Prismacolor pencils, watercolor, acrylic and tempera paint, clay, collage, luminescent inks, and more.

The process of art making invites us to draw nearer to the source of our inspiration and touches us at a deep level.

• Discover your inner artist
• Clarify and express feelings
• Explore your imagination
• Gain insight and self-knowledge
• Overcome your creative blocks
• Learn about the field of art therapy

No art experience is necessary.

Who is this for?

Art process is for anyone wishing to enhance their creativity and learn ways of working with art for healing and self-knowledge. Through experiencing the work directly, teachers, nurses, counselors, therapists, and others in the helping professions learn ways to work with others using art process.

What we offer:

Illuminated Mandala Retreat Days
We offer day long retreats, four times a year, creating Illuminated Mandalas, using prismacolor pencils on black fine art paper, based on the work of Judith Cornell. See our Illluminated Mandala page.

Art Process Groups

In these groups we learn to express ourselves using art media to explore our creativity, tell our stories, and build community by sharing creatively. There are groups for both women and men and for women only.

Media Exploration
We offer classes in the use of two- and three-dimensional
media for self-expression and self-awareness. We learn to relate to our art with curiosity and interest, rather than judgment.

Individual Art Therapy Sessions
for adults and children
We see people on a one-to-one basis to promote self-knowledge and growth, to explore life issues using art, to learn to trust our own inner wisdom and to enhance creativity.

We offer workshops in:

• Illuminated Mandalas
• SoulCollage®
• Encaustic/Mixed Media
• Maskmaking
• Treasure necklaces
• Spirit Houses
• Altar making
• Freeing the Creative Spirit
• Paint Your Heart Out

We will come into your school, workplace,agency, or medical facility and create art experiences that will:

• Relieve stress
• Facilitate communication
• Help resolve conflicts
• Nurture creativity
• Problem solve
• Enhance healing
• Build community

We also create art experience groups for children and teenagers and for special occasions.


What Participants Say About Our Work:

Being in a group at The Creative Arts Studio is one of the most satisfying experiences in my search for life's substance. No matter what your previous art experience is, you are unconditionally accepted to create and share without judgment. A true gift for all participants.

-Linda Reitzell, Business Owner

Working with Patricia and Caterina at The Creative Arts Studio has been one of the most important aspects of my personal growth process.

-Kerrie Hillyer, Teacher

Working at The Creative Arts Studio has helped me stay "tuned" personally, and it has also enhanced my teaching as I've learned ways to help students conceptualize difficult ideas and express feelings through art.

-Edna Fogarty, Bilingual Jr. High Teacher