Goddess art

Through her own journey, Patricia Waters invites us to use the visual arts as tools for self-knowledge and healing. Her gentle voice soothes us as she describes her journey over the years to realize wholeness in her woman’s body, and shows how the mystery of our inner being is revealed through art.

Elinor W. Gadon, Author of The Once and Future Goddess

Patricia Waters has given us a profoundly moving personal record of her transformative journey through art. Her vivid images, deep insights, and spiritual courage are both inspiring and stimulating in this time when women, particularly older women, are struggling to reclaim our power and bring more caring into this world.

Riane Eisler, author of The Chalice and The Blade
I am struck by the depth and completeness of this presentation and the vitality of the art. This is the kind of phenomenological/heuristic inquiry into image and the creative process that I see as truly defining what art therapy can be!

Shaun McNiff, author of Art as Medicine

Running Time 46 minutes ISBN# 0-9664935-0-8

Transformation through Art
A Personal Mythic Journey

by Patricia Waters

This is the story of a woman’s personal inner journey through over 50 years of her artwork, told in seven strands:

  • Remembering: Patricia looks back at her early life and her realization that she could do artwork just for herself.
  • Confronting the Monster: The artist confronts a part of herself that she had denied.
  • The Descent: Acknowledging her past addictions, Patricia’s artwork becomes a source of insight and healing.
  • Unmasking: The artist faces herself through self-portraits.
  • Nurturing The Inner Child: Patricia explores her relationship to her inner child and finds healing.
  • Empowering the Feminine: In exploring her own spirituality and Goddess images in her work, Patricia connects the individual to the universal with the ancient roots of the feminine.
  • Healing the Masculine: The artist finds healing images for her inner masculine, and the masculine and feminine within support and nurture each other.

In examining her inner life through artwork, Patricia connects her individual self-expression with mythological roots. Her work invites others to use the arts as a medium for healing.


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